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Reformer/Tower/Chair Classes


We offer a variety of equipment classes with 45 minute classes being offered over the lunch time period to give you a few minutes to get back to the office! 

Intro to Reformer - This class is designed as an introduction to the Reformer and fundamental exercises to allow you become confident and give you the tools to safely transition over to a Reformer Essentials class.  

Reformer Fundamentals - This regular class is great for people brand new to the Reformer or those seeking a slower paced class due to injury or special conditions. It is perfect for people suffering with back issues, pelvic instability or other issues that may limit movement. 

Reformer Essentials - This class seeks to build comfort on the Reformer while targeting the entire body. It is recommended that participants have either taken "Intro to Reformer" or "Reformer Fundamentals" OR have previous pilates experience on the equipment before joining this class. You will work your entire body in this class using the essential exercise repertoire. 

Reformer Challenge - This class is a total body workout that builds on the essentials by challenging endurance and core strength while improving stamina. It is suitable for those with a strong foundation in Essential Reformer but are ready to take their workout to the next level.

Reformer HIIT - This class is a fast paced cardio and strength training circuit class incorporating the Jump Board. You must have previous experience with the reformer and be comfortable switching between equipment quickly. 

Reformer CORE - This class will BLAST your core big time! This Reformer class uses spring resistance and your own body weight to challenge you in new and creative ways. You will never look at  working your core or doing a plank the same again! 

Chair/Tower Combo - This class uses the spring resistance of the Tower and the Chair to work your upper and lower body, core strength and flexibility in a new and challenging way. Many exercises are performed both standing and kneeling which adds variety and functionality to the workout. This is suitable for all levels.