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Checking Into the Studio

Welcome to The Pilates Studio!

We are a small studio and to help make every participant's experience a positive one we ask a few basic considerations of all our clients.


  • When a class is in progress the doors will be locked 5 minutes after it commences so we ask you to please be on time for your class. If you are early and the doors are locked, please patiently wait outside and the doors will be unlocked 5 minutes before class starts.
  • Time between classes is short so we kindly ask when class is finished that mats are promptly cleaned and participants make way for the next class to enter and set up. 
  • All class passes can be purchased and booked online ahead of time. Dropping in is not encouraged as the class may likely be full and availability will be shown on the website.
  • We provide thick Pilates mats but please feel free to bring a mat or non slip towel to place over top of ours if you'd like! 
  • We have a water cooler in the back corner if you need to fill up.
  • There are benches just inside the door where you can stash your shoes and bags when you arrive.
  • We encourage our clients to wear Pilates socks with grips on the soles. They are helpful for certain exercises, especially using the equipment. We do keep a small supply in the studio which can be purchased from us directly.