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Checking Into the Studio

Welcome to The Pilates Studio!

A few things have changed since COVID-19. Please take the time to read our new check in procedures.


·       All class passes can be purchased online ahead of time. 

·       All classes are to be booked online. 

·       We will not be allowing drop-ins for class, so you must book online prior to the class.

·       Any class with no one booked 90 minutes prior to the class start time will be automatically cancelled. 


·       The studio doors will be open 5 minutes before the class start and locked 5 minutes after class begins. 

·       Masks are required to be worn upon entering the studio.

·       Upon entering the studio, please use the sanitation station to sanitize your hands.

·       Place all belongings in one of the orange cubbies just inside the door.

·       Go directly to the reformer number you booked. All reformers will be labeled accordingly.

·       We are asking all clients to bring their own water bottle, reusable cups will no longer be available.

·       We require that participants wear Pilates socks on equipment and to bring a towel or mat to place over their Pilates mat.      

·       Pilates socks are on sale for $5 a pair.

·       Masks will be worn by instructors while teaching class.


·       Bathrooms are available for clients to use. We have provided soap, sanitizer and towels for washing and drying hands. 

·       Instructors will refrain from “touch” queuing and will maintaining distance from clients wherever possible.


·       When the class is finished, the instructors will be responsible for sanitizing the equipment.

·       Please refrain from chatting inside the studio after class is finished.

·       We suggest clients use our sanitation station on the way out for added protection.