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We are a small studio providing a variety of group mat work and equipment based Pilates classes as well as private and partner training.  We want to make your Pilates experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible so we offer morning, lunch hour and evening classes. Our lunch express classes are specifically designed to run 45 minutes in length to allow you a few extra minutes to get back to the office!

*Any classes that have nobody booked in them 90 minutes PRIOR to the start time will be CANCELLED.

**As of Feb 1, 2023 you must cancel out of a class prior to 24 hours otherwise your account will be credited for that class.

Please see class descriptions below. For information on private or partner training or corporate events please contact us at

MAT WORK CLASSES - All Mat Work classes are 45 minutes in length except our Back4Good series which is 55 minutes.

Mobility on the Mat - This Pilates based mat work class focuses on full body mobility with emphasis on hips, back, chest/shoulders using small props. This class is great for anyone hoping to improve their general mobility, flexibility and core strength and is open to any level.

Back4Good - A 5 week mat work based series offered by our Body Control Pilates instructor Nicki. This program is designed for clients with back pain who need to improve mobility and strength in a gentle manner. This series will progress you through controlled movements to help manage back pain and keep moving. This class is limited to 8 participants. Contact the studio for our next series. 

REFORMER and EXO CHAIR CLASSES - All Equipment classes are 55 minutes in length except our Reformer Express classes which are 45 minutes.

If you are NEW to the Reformer please contact the studio for information about our Pilates Quick Start pass to get you started!

Reformer 101 Series - This 3 week series is designed as an introduction to the Reformer machine and fundamental exercises to give you the confidence and skills to join a Reformer Essentials class.  This series is scheduled periodically, please contact us for our next session.

Reformer Essentials - This class seeks to build comfort on the Reformer while targeting the entire body. It is recommended that participants have either taken a Pilates Reformer 101 series, a Reformer Fundamentals class OR have previous pilates experience on the equipment before joining. You will work your entire body in this class using the essential exercise repertoire. 

Reformer Essentials PLUS - This class has a slightly faster pace than the essentials class and introduces more challenging movements. 

Reformer Challenge - This class is a total body workout that builds on the essentials by challenging endurance and core strength while improving stamina. It is suitable for those with a strong foundation in Reformer Essential classes and are ready to take their workout to the next level.

Reformer Strength - This Reformer Challenge class emphasizes building strength in the upper and lower body. It is recommended that participants are very comfortable on the Reformer.

Reformer Jump Board - This class incorporates the jump board into your Pilates routine to get your heart rate up and improve your lower body strength. Short jumping intervals are mixed with a traditional Pilates Reformer workout that targets your entire body. 

Reformer SWEAT - Reformer SWEAT is a fusion style class using the Reformer, the Jumpboard and mat-based movements using heavier weights to get your heart rate up and build those muscles. This is a cardio and HIIT structured style class with jumpboard cardio sets and weights/props strength sets that we alternate the sets to keep you motivated!

Reformer CORE - This class is a Reformer based class with an emphasis placed on core exercises. This class is suitable for all levels.

Reformer Express - This class is a mixed level class suitable for all participants. Class runs 45 minutes and uses the Reformer.

Reformer Rehab - This class is designed to take participants through a basic Reformer workout that is suitable for all levels, anyone dealing with back, knee or hip issues or anyone who would like to participate in a back to basics type of Reformer class for a refresher. This class is not a substitute for medical care so please ensure you have been cleared by your physio or doctor before signing up if you are dealing with any specific issues. If you are brand new to the Reformer we highly recommend taking a Quick Start session with one of our instructors before joining a group class.

EXO Chair Flow - A class using the EXO Chair combining classic Pilates movements with a few twists and challenges included to keep it interesting. If you are looking for a challenging class with a different piece of equipment, the mighty chair will surprise you.

Cardio Chair Circuit - A class using the EXO Chair, Tower, Reformer and weights designed to move you and get your heart rate up.  You will transfer from station to station using a different piece of equipment each set with additional cardio challenges in between. This class will keep your body guessing with balance, strength and coordination.  

Pre Natal Equipment - This prenatal class uses the Reformer, Tower and Chair to take our prenatal clients through a safe but effective Pilates workout. This class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and has a maximum of 6 people in the class. This class isn't a regular scheduled class. Please contact the studio if you are interested.

Book a Bubble - A private class for up to 6 friends on the Reformer or Chair. Please contact us about our Mat Work options.


Private and Partner Sessions are a great way to work out solo or with a friend in a more intimate environment. Sessions are individually designed to help you reach your specific goals. We offer NEW CLIENT starter packages to give you a chance to experience a 1-2-1 or partner session with only having to commit to 3 sessions. Please see our Packages page for prices and options. We offer 40 minute and 55 minute private training options and 55 minute partner training options. Please contact the studio at for more information on session availability.


We can offer a variety of specialty workshops to meet your personal or small group needs. Corporate events, golf specific training (TPI Certified) and introductory workshops can be organized. Please contact the studio at for more information.